ANU Centre for European Studies

Europe occupies an important place on the research and teaching agenda of The Australian National University.

As part of an international alliance of research Universities the ANU has close links with a number of the leading Universities in Europe and many of its individual scholars study Europe, often working in collaboration with those at European universities.

The ANU Centre for European Studies (ANUCES) has been established to underscore the University-wide commitment to European studies.

ANUCES is an initiative involving six ANU Colleges (Arts and Social Sciences; Law; Business and Economics; Asia and the Pacific; Medicine, Biology and Environment; and Engineering and Computer Science). It focuses the talents of hundreds of researchers, teachers and students working on Europe on a single site. Its purpose is to create synergies, promote interdisciplinary dialogue, and generate collaborative research projects at home and abroad.

The ANU Centre for European Studies takes over the role formerly played by the National Europe Centre. It is funded jointly by ANU and the European Commission.

ANU Centre for European Studies
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The Australian National University
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