The EABC provides a forum for policy discussion and debate through Boardroom Discussions & Forums.

EABC Boardroom Discussions & Forums are comprised of a structured programme of guests, keynote speakers and discussions around relevant topics. There is a greater interaction with both Australian and European bureaucracies, through the invitation of participants from Australian Federal Government departments such as Foreign Affairs and Trade, PM&C, Infrastructure, Attorney-Generals etc, as well as working closely with the Delegation from the European Union, notable academics and where possible, key European participants.

The EABC Boardroom Discussions & Forums are constructive platforms forĀ relevant topics to be debated including – beyond trade and investment – sectors such as innovation, infrastructure, energy, climate change, defence, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, digital economy or transports.

The eventsĀ are usually structured as a lunch with a keynote speaker, followed by a panel discussion. For larger events, the EABC also organises Receptions.