To raise the awareness of the EABC by providing a forum for serious policy discussion and debate though policy symposiums and Charter Member forums.

1. Policy Symposiums

EABC policy symposiums are comprised of a structured programme of guests, keynote speakers and discussions around relevant topics. There is a greater interaction with both Australian and European bureaucracies, through the invitation of participants from Australian Federal Government departments such as Foreign Affairs and Trade, PM&C, Infrastructure, Attorney-Generals etc, as well as working closely with the Delegation from the European Union, notable academics and where possible, key European participants.

The EABC policy symposiums are a serious and constructive discussion of relevant topics to be debated and not just a vehicle for promoting Australia’s view or response.

The events are structured as a lunch with a keynote speaker, followed by a panel discussion.

Trade policy forums are held in conjunction with the National Europe Centre’s trade symposium and EABC’s delegation of Charter Members to Canberra.

2. Charter Member Policy Meetings

The Charter Member policy meetings focus on policy topics that are of more relevance to Charter Members and their clients.

The format of these meetings are a Charter Member meeting, followed by a cocktail reception with a guest speaker.

EABC Issues Survey

December 2014 Cha

Review of Australian Temporary Work Visas – August 2011

In response to a discussion paper released by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in December 2010, the EABC in conjunction with European Chambers of Commerce undertook a survey of European companies in Australia, to canvas their experiences and opinions of the visa framework for the review process. The survey focused on short-term work migration (sub-class 456 and 457 visas).

The results of this survey were presented as an Issue Paper (below) to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, the Hon Chris Bowen MP at a meeting in August, and will be taken into consideration for the review process.

EABC Visa Issue Paper – August 2011